I do believe that there is a popular game that has been on the scene for years. Where is Waldo? Now it has been quite awhile since I was a part of the search for Waldo. But nonetheless it was, as I recall, a task at times trying to find Waldo. Sometimes we were successful, and sometimes we were not. Such is the nature of the game itself.

In thinking back to the game, I recall the issues of the journey. Journeys that each of us undergo daily.

Everyone’s journey is different. And let us be honest about it. Everyone’s journey is at times going to leave us trying to see where someone is going.

Where is Waldo? Sometimes the question can be asked, where are you and me? There will be times when others are looking for us and cannot find us. They will search high and low and still they cannot find us. Some people will resort to thinking that well maybe we are lost and untraceable.

As strange as this may seem I would suggest that it is not the issue of us being lost. It is not the issue of us in need of being found. It is at times the simple fact that where we are going is a pathway that has been reserved for just us.

The pathway that each of us at times travel will find us on a journey that is solitary and designed for full immersion. Immersion such that may be unseen to the eyes of others.

But this much is a fact. Visibility is not confirmation of productivity. Many are those whose sight unseen have moved along pathways that impact others and introduce change.

Where is Waldo? Waldo, I would surmise, is doing what he is called to do. Waldo, I would say, is fine. The Waldo that others have looked for is busy.

Pathways that each of us tread will find us being that Waldo. Unseen and lost.

But encouraged are those Waldo’s whose focus is not to be observed and sought, but whose mission is to be in search of the greater purpose for which they were called. To those who would have an ear to hear, may they do so; and to those who have the vision to see without seeing may they continue to press on.



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2 comments on “Where’s Waldo?

  1. Very inspirational. It got me fascinated as to why we even look for Waldo. Are we worried that he is lost or we are using him as a navigator. If we use him as a navigator then to which destination point are we heading? Waldo has set his coordinates to his destination point hence lets be in our on path. Very interesting submission in this article.

  2. Thank you for your comment. I often think about just what is the destination point that each of us are pursuing.

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