Growing up I imagine that like most kids I saw many different types of movies. Some were in the Western Genre and some in the Adventure genre.

In looking back in particular I find myself being drawn back to the adventures of pirates. Pirates who it seemed were consistently in search of buried treasure, in essence their jack pot.

As I recall those pirates went to any lengths to find the exact spot of the jack pot. In their eyes what they sought would be the answers to all that they were looking for or perhaps even what they felt was needed in life.

Upon finding their jack pot, finally latching on to the jack pot of their dreams, I have often wondered what exactly was in that jack pot to begin with.

Was it the priceless gold and rubies that they hoped for? Was it the abundance of monies that would set them up for life?

As such it is left up to our imagination. How their story ended is what remains the great unknown.

As I gave more thought to these scenarios, I found myself thinking about the jack pots that we are looking for in the journey of life.

What is it that we feel will bring us the happiness and joy that we are seeking after? What are those things that we have set in our minds and heart that we believe will stand as our jack pot?

For each of us I will say that our jack pot will vary. What pleases one person may not be that which pleases someone else.

This much is certain. Whatever the jack pot, you are drawing from, will it be that which provides you with a sense of what treasures are?

Perhaps it is those material things. But then the question arises how then shall those things bring you happiness? Is it happiness that is for the long range? Or are those material things given to provide happiness which is merely temporary?

Our quest to find each of our jack pots is one that is for the most part a journey. A journey that will reflect and define the essence of who we are.

But what stands as the challenge is to identify what our jack pot really consist of. What are those things that will when it’s all said and done be that which truly brings us not just what we are looking for, but what it is that we need.

For all that seek, I pray that we find. And for that which we find, I pray that it is what really matters the most.

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