There is for each of us paths that we will follow during this journey called life. No one path is going to be the same for everyone. Some will go in one direction, and some will go in an opposite direction.

This much is certain. Whatever path it is that you follow there will be bumps along the road. The narrative that life will be a bed of roses might be good in fairy tales but when it comes to reality that has never been the truth.

Scripture denotes the fact that this life that we lead will have trials and tribulations. If each of us were to take a moment and look back over the path that we have traveled thus far we can attest to that fact.

What remains as the challenge is how does each of us deal with and work through those trials and tribulations?

In these current days and times, it seems like there is more and more for us to deal with. Truth be told it looks like one day’s obstacles can pale in comparison to the next days.

What then is going to carry some through while others perhaps find themselves coming up short?

I’m led to believe that it is not that which surrounds us. It is when you get right down to it that which exists within us.

I’ve been taught that, that which is within us is that which sustains us. As well that which is within is that which pushes us forward even in the midst of the struggle.

They are those qualities that on the surface don’t appear to be flashy. They are those things that aren’t say eye candy of sorts.

But they are when it’s all said and done that which a few and not the many will draw from.

Faith that causes the few to continue pressing on. Resilience that will see the few bounce back time and time again. Passion that fuels the drive to achieve even during times when everything around us is looking bleak.

These are but a few of those inner qualities that see the few reaching the peaks and points of accomplishment that they seek after.

In these days and times what then shall each of us draw from? What will in the end be the ingredient that will allow us to stand out?

The sources that will seek will over the course of time reflect the projected end result that each of us seek.

Choose thee well.

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