I love reading stories of women who did outstanding things and impacted their generation. As an author I have quoted many women but a woman who stands out for me when it comes to quotes on prayer and faith is Corrie Ten Boom a Christian writer and public speaker. Her quotes came from experiencing God’s help and depending on His word when she and her sister were in prison in Germany. In the book 50 women every Christian woman should know she states, “The suffering was relentless: brutal physical pain; little to no food; crowded, putrid sleeping platforms with the women stretched feet to face without even space to turn over or sit up. Each week they were paraded naked with leering guards for the medical inspection. But despite the humiliation and punishment the word of God kept the women steady.”  Corrie was released miraculously because she learnt later that a clerk had mistakenly added her name to the list and 14 days after the release all the women her age were executed. At the age 53 she launched a worldwide ministry that took her to sixty countries over 33 years and authored books and died in Los Angeles at the age of ninety-one. Many celebrate her ministry and quote her books, but the ministry was birthed from the process in the prison.

These days because of social media it is easy to see the “influencers “It is easy to look at someone’s success and want to be like them but are we prepared to go through what they went through to be who they became. When we celebrate women who are doing wonderful things in their respect, we must also remember there is a story behind their success. There are words that normally comprise the story behind their success: Determination, Sacrifice, Lonely, Perseverance, Wisdom, Afraid, brave.

How are these women different from other women? What caused them to stand out? Do we all have to fight for a cause that will change the whole nations or world’s lives? Whether you get celebrated by the entire nation or world or just by your world you will need to stand up for a cause that will make the world a better place.

 If you are just going through challenges of life trust the process and come out a better woman. Sometimes it seems as if the process is for a lifetime but as Hopal Green states,” Taking a shortcut is not always profitable, doing the right thing may take longer but trust the process and the reward is sure.”

There is a statement that states, “Diamond is a piece of coal that did well under pressure.”  Pressure is part of the process but not the end.

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