There is for each of us a part of our life journey where we may be inclined to wonder where we are on our journey. As well there will be times when perhaps we may even give thought to what we have accomplished. This is not out of the ordinary. I would say in fact that it is to be expected.  

Each one has a different path to be followed. I would hazard a guess to say that rare is the case when journeys in life are duplicates of each other.  

The question that I posed earlier is whether we feel that our journey has made an impact. Has it been the success that we sought to achieve? And perhaps are we in the end leaving behind a legacy that has some meaning?  

It’s been said that at times perhaps the most critical person in the world can be and is us. We are not very often given to be objective enough when it comes to that person that we see in the mirror.  

There is in my opinion the temptation to critique our journey through a prism of vastness. Vastness that we may see as being the immense quantitative calculation of our journey and its impact. 

However, if we are willing to see the clearer picture it is not necessarily about our quantitative impact. It is when you get right down to it about the qualitative impact of our journey. 

Who did we touch and influence during our journey? Be it one or one thousand isn’t really the focus. The focus is on the difference that we have made during this journey called life.  

For when it’s all said and done what will stand is the ongoing effect and imparting significance of our time here on earth and how the legacy of our journey provides a better road ahead for those who will follow behind us.

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